Destination wedding in Rishikesh

Destination Weddings During Covid -19 pandemic in Rishikesh

Destination weddings are becoming an emerging trend, especially concerning the current pandemic that asks for minimal communal interaction. This type of wedding offers you have a cozy wedding that involves the required amount of people that is actually meant to be indulged in the celebration. A small gathering of close family members for the wedding has become the best thing keeping in mind the safety measures for the current situation as well. 

While people think of foreign locations when it comes to finding a place for a wedding destination, but even India has its own sets of beauties and luxury for having an unforgettable wedding experience. Amongst the various exotic destinations in India for destination weddings in India, Rishikesh comes in the list of topmost favorable places. Destination weddings in Rishikesh offer a lot of variety for choosing the best experience whether you want an extravagant or even a luxurious wedding, suiting your different financial availability and plans. 

Many options to get married in RishikeshDestination Wedding in Rishikesh

Having a destination wedding in Rishikesh by hiring a professional that can arrange the whole set up is the most satisfying thing you can do to make the strain of planning a destination wedding a whole lot easier. Also, choosing to tie the knot at this spiritual destination makes the union more sacred than possible. Rishikesh offers you many options for a pleasant wedding such as the wedding at the shore, or a wonderful garden, or at a sitting above the sea level, or at a site surrounded by mountains, Rishikesh has it all to acknowledge your specific whims. 

Destination weddings enable to couple to have a private ceremony in case they do not like to have so many visitors, but nowadays, even the number of close acquaintances or loved people of a person has increased so it indicates that destination wedding is not going to be a too private event, so don’t worry about the less crowd. Also, you can arrive at the place destined for a wedding quite earlier or before 3-4 days so you can make better arrangements. 

Weddings in Rishikesh are not costly 

wedding in RishikeshAs opposed to what people believe, the cost of having a destination wedding is not as high though it may seem to be because of the scenery of the locations. Especially in Rishikesh, it cost much less to tie the knot when you compare with what you spend on normal wedding preparations. One such aspect that mitigates the cost of weddings in Rishikesh is that normally the people attending the wedding will pay for their own stay and other expenses, this way you can save yourself from most expenses. But for this better management of costs, it is important that you hire a wedding planner or a specialist who can guide you towards reasonable spending on different things. 

While for typical Indian weddings at your place, you may easily spend 15 to 30 lakhs even when you spend cautiously in a low key manner. But for a destination wedding in Rishikesh, you can easily do away with as low as 10 lakhs and up to 25 lakhs depending upon the spot and other facilities you choose for the wedding. This cost can easily provide for the wedding and reception ceremonies and even the stay and travel expenses of the most family people. This is the reason people are opting more for destination weddings nowadays and having a memorable wedding experience.

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