3 preferred Locations for Destination Wedding in India

With destination weddings becoming an emerging trend in India, many people opt for these types of weddings to have an unmatchable wedding experience. But the problem comes when it is hard to decide a place for the destination wedding.

India is a country full of beautiful cities and places to have a traditional wedding. The plethora of options available makes it hard for people to choose the best destination for their wedding. India has a lot of exotic places where you can have the best destination weddings along with amazing photoshoots. Whether you like beaches, a royal place with great architecture, or a soothing place with sweet traditions, royal weddings offer all. To know the best places for a destination wedding, we have listed the 3 most preferred locations to help you come to a decision and choose the best place for your wedding. 


Jaipur is the first name that springs into our minds when we think of the royal places in India. To have a grand marriage celebration, choose Jaipur. Here you experience both the old Indian heritage and the marvelous beauty of Indian arts and crafts. The authentic and remarkable beauty of Jaipur makes it the topmost destination to experience the best royal wedding in India. Places like Rambagh Palace and Aravalli ranges are some of the best options to choose from for a royal wedding. 

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Appearing like a foreign destination, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is another beautiful location if you do not want to take the traditional road for the royal wedding. The white sand beaches and the resorts here give your wedding the most unique feel that other places cannot. These islands are no lesser than heaven and are the best places to have your destination wedding. 


Agra is the destination that showcases the perfect embodiment of love. There is nothing classier than this place and it is the best idea to have your wedding at a place which is the greatest symbol of love itself. We have all have toured this place at some point in our life or when we kids, then why not choose this place for the wedding ceremony. Agra has some of the best resorts and hotels to book for the wedding celebration.