5 reasons to have a destination wedding

We all go bonkers when we watch people romance on screens in exotic locations in films. Be it Raj-Simran of DDLJ in the gorgeous locales of Europe or Ved-Tara of Tamasha in the sun-kissed Mediterranean island tucked away between the borders of the southeast of France and north of Italy – Corsica. And when it comes to us, we too want to make our memories to be embraced for the lifetime, wherefore unroll the concept of a destination wedding. In the Indian context, with Indian weddings going crazy and their upheaval from the typical kind of traditional weddings, people are also preferring intimate weddings and destination weddings make the wedding an unforgettable experience.

If you still not sure whether choosing a destination wedding is the right decision for you or are thinking that it may cost more than a traditional wedding. 

Here are some reasons to pick a destination wedding without regretting your decisions later. 

For an intimate wedding experience

Let’s face it! Not all relatives that we invite to the wedding are important. In fact, if given an opportunity, we would like to let go of the maximum number of relatives. Well, a destination wedding is your opportunity. Organizing a destination wedding means making the functions hardly accessible to most people as they all cannot manage to reach the wedding in far places. 

No headache in the guest rooms 

Most of the wedding preparation time is spent in hospitality and managing the various guests that come to your place. The cost of arranging guest rooms or the stress of taking care of the guests is gone when you choose a destination wedding. If you want to make your wedding an intimate celebration, go for a destination wedding. 

To create a memorable experience

Destination weddings are undoubtedly the most different experience and a pleasant experience. This experience cannot be given by a normal traditional wedding. If you are a fan of doing things in a unique way, then a destination wedding is the most amazing thing to go for. The experience becomes pleasurable not only for the bride and groom but for each person that attends the wedding. 

Surprisingly fewer expenses 

While you may think a destination wedding is not a good idea since it cost a lot for making arrangements for this unique type of wedding. But you are mistaken, a destination wedding requires you to spend less than a traditional wedding you have in your locality. One of the main reasons behind this is that you have to pay for fewer guests as compared to the local wedding. 

Great photos for the wedding album 

This may not seem a big of a benefit. But the wedding album is the only proof that shows the level of enjoyment you have at your wedding. A destination wedding is surely going to give you some of the best sceneries to take pictures of. Be it the ocean, or the tress, or the sunset, or the wedding venue itself, a destination wedding has a lot to offer. 

Apart from these, there are a lot of other benefits of a destination wedding that can be realized only when you experience the destination wedding yourself.